Lavazza - the ultimate espresso offering.

  • Cafés, bars, restaurants, hotels and now offices... Lavazza coffee has been served in the best Italian establishments for over one hundred years
  • For the professionals of the industry, Lavazza has created a special division which includes a whole bean coffee range and a patented capsule system.
  • But Lavazza food service is not just a range of the finest blends: choosing Lavazza also means having a host of services and benefits to help improve one's professional qualities and provide customers with the best service and coffee experience possible.
  • Unique, point-of-sale materials providing visibility and accessories to build a coordinated image that packs a punch
  • Consumer, waiter and store owner promotions designed to build customer loyalty.
  • Lavazza recipes - new, surprising ideas to enhance speciality menus by adding a touch of exclusivity.
  • Access to the Lavazza training centre, a true coffee school where new methods in preparing and enjoying coffee - the drink most loved by Italians - can be further studied and perfected through ongoing training.

Lavazza is distributed through the leading away from home coffee company in South Africa, Ciro Beverage Solutions. All Lavazza products and materials are supported by Ciro's dedicated Lavazza team and value added service which include training, technical and distribution nationwide.

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